Water Line Installation

water-line-installation-okotoks-turner-valley-black-diamondWe know that the Alberta Climate can be harsh, so we assure that the line is buried to a suitable depth and bedded so it resists freezing.

Call before you dig
Before any work is carried out  it is imperative that the local authorities are contacted to be informed of any plans to dig and to locate where the existing lines are buried on your property.
This helps us ensure that we don’t accidentally cut any of the existing lines.
These could range from electric and gas lines, municipal water, sewer or steam lines, cable tv lines or commercial gas or oil pipe lines.   Hitting these could prove very costly so its imperative that this step is done before any work is carried out to ensure there are no damages caused from digging.

You can either contact Alberta One Call or we can handle this for you.

NOTE: A Minimum of Two Full Working Days Notice is required in order for facility owners to respond to your request.

Please call or use our free quote form below if you require water pipe installation on your property and we will send out one of our friendly staff to provide you with a free quote.

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