3 Steps to Greener Lawn This Summer


To keep your lawn looking stunning there are regular steps that can be taken to ensure your grass looks stunning all season long!

  1. Fertilize

Fertilizing is essential to a greener lawn.  It strengthens the roots, helps promote new growth and can help keep weeds at bay.

  1. Irrigation

Water is essential for all living organisms so your grass is no different.  Under watering will turn your grass brown and over watering will drown the roots.  There are pockets of space under the grass in the ground that usually fill with oxygen.  If you over water the grass these pockets will instead be filled by, you guessed it, water!  Oxygen is imperative as without it the roots of the sod will suffocate and your grasses root system will be weakened

  1. Mowing

It is very important to regularly mow your lawn and mow it correctly.  Not just any mowing technique will be sufficient. The mower blades should be sharp to ensure a nice clean cut.  Also the height you cut the grass at is important. You do not want to cut the grass too short as this puts extra strain on the roots.  This will make the root system weaker and can lead to more weeds. You should generally only cut the grass down by 1/3.

At Dreamscapes landscaping we can help you maintain your lawn so it looks great all season long.  We cover Okotoks, Calgary, Black Diamond, High River and more.  If you need a quality, reliable and affordable lawn maintenance program or lawn cutting service contact us today for a free consultation.