Fall Landscaping and Hardscaping

So another Summer has gone but do not despair! Fall can be a great time to update existing landscaping or create new areas to enjoy.
As the garden beds become dormant they can easily be extended or changed without causing detrimental damage to plants and trees.
It is also a great time to reflect on water consumption of these areas and mitigate for future use and drought conditions. This means that mulch or grading can be installed to aid with the conditions that summer brings. It is also an excellent time to consider fire protection especially on acreages where fire response varies, this includes creating fire breaks within the property and ensuring thick overgrowth is mitigated properly. Also Fall is a great time to asses that there is a safe clearance of trees around structures and mulch and other flammable material is used and applied safely around buildings. It is also a great time to repair patios that may have shifted over time to ensure they are at grade and can shed water/ice over the winter months.