Nutrition and fertilization Reflection

It is April 2019 and this week brought a new perspective to our jobsite, by further expanding our knowledge on the process of fertilizing our local turf and woody plants. We regularly use an organic slow release lawn rebuilder to beatify turf that has either too much compaction or poor soil content. As we looked at our local trees both my co-worker and I discussed what nitrogen deficiency looked like in various types of trees. Even though it is early in the season we could look at the last seasons growth from the node and the size of bud expected. Through further research we discovered that the average soil content in this area contains higher salts which effects the growth throughout the summer. It was interesting to see on visual inspection which trees were benefitting from these findings. There were other factors including poor soil drainage and improper positioning on properties. We looked at the nutrient ratios on the fertilizer packaging and confirmed that we could also broadcast seed the affected trees. With is being a slow release formula we are able to avoid the dreaded fertilizer burn that generally upsets clients. We also tossed around the idea of drilling various holes around the trees and filling them with the product, this in turn may provide faster results as the turf does not consume a portion of the product. We will continue to experiment with the best effective method as the summers can be harsh on the parries.