3 Tips for your properties landscaping

Importance of proper drainage on every property

The greatest danger in any landscape is having inadequate drainage away from structures or walls. By directing runoff and ground water to proper run off areas you will prolong the investment of your landscaping and property.  Improper drainage can cause soil erosion, flood your structures, have a poor effect on vegetation growth and result in standing water. Luckily there are plenty of quality products to mitigate this problem, along with experienced landscapers like ourselves to install and accommodate your property.

Proper planting distance for trees and shrubs

Strategically placed trees and shrubs will beautify a proper and bring summer shade resulting in a cooler home. As will they protect from wind, increase property value and curb appeal. However by doing this there are a few basic rules of thumb to follow. If the tree can reach the height of 20 feet then it must be placed 10 feet from any structure or lines. This allows for root growth without having foundation issues, and clearance overhead for pruning purposes. If the tree can reach the height of 20-60 feet then it must be planted 15 feet from any structure or lines. If you are planting multiple trees shrubs are recommended 6 feet apart, small deciduous trees 8-10 feet, and large trees 10-18 feet. By doing this you will create an effective windbreak along with an even growth pattern.

Sod vs Hydroseeding

Both sod and hydroseeding have great benefits for completing a project or property. Typically in our climate of southern Alberta there are a few things to consider. Considerably more water is needed to establish a hydroseeded lawn. If the weather is hot and dry after application, you may need to water several times a day for six to eight weeks. Sod is more forgiving, since you are not dealing with new seedlings that are prone to drying out. As well with hydroseeding it tends to dry out more regularly with our wind prone region, this promotes weeds and soil erosion. If an area exceeds 3000 square feet hydroseeding is a valuable option, but surprisingly requires for care to become successful. Sod is definitely a premium choice but provides a completed project, hillside and soil control and less established weeds in our environment.