Tree Services Article

Dangerous Tree Examples

Though trees may be beautiful all times of year they do have a tendency to become dangerous if there is two co-dominant stems resulting in a crack in the crotch. This will become a safety hazard and needs to be mitigated safely and effectively.

Rigging and Safely pruning

Some trees eventually grow bigger then expected and encroach on buildings and powerlines. In this case rigging will have to be used to ensure the job is completed safely, we are in the process of taking high risk rigging courses to be ready for any challenge.

Hedge Box Blight and other airborne fungal

Trimming your hedge regularly ensures that it will flourish over the growing season and mitigate fungal. However in humid conditions box blight or Volutella Blight can begin to thrive. Good air circulation and trimming the effected areas immediately is the first line of defence. All tools used to prune must be disinfected after and all trimmings must be removed from premise. We have been trimming infected hedges for a number of years and have successfully been able to decrease the blight affection within a year.