3 Tips for your properties landscaping

Importance of proper drainage on every property

The greatest danger in any landscape is having inadequate drainage away from structures or walls. By directing runoff and ground water to proper run off areas you will prolong the investment of your landscaping and property.  Improper drainage can cause soil erosion, flood your structures, have a poor effect on vegetation growth and result in standing water. Luckily there are plenty of quality products to mitigate this problem, along with experienced landscapers like ourselves to install and accommodate your property.

Proper planting distance for trees and shrubs

Strategically placed trees and shrubs will beautify a proper and bring summer shade resulting in a cooler home. As will they protect from wind, increase property value and curb appeal. However by doing this there are a few basic rules of thumb to follow. If the tree can reach the height of 20 feet then it must be placed 10 feet from any structure or lines. This allows for root growth without having foundation issues, and clearance overhead for pruning purposes. If the tree can reach the height of 20-60 feet then it must be planted 15 feet from any structure or lines. If you are planting multiple trees shrubs are recommended 6 feet apart, small deciduous trees 8-10 feet, and large trees 10-18 feet. By doing this you will create an effective windbreak along with an even growth pattern.

Sod vs Hydroseeding

Both sod and hydroseeding have great benefits for completing a project or property. Typically in our climate of southern Alberta there are a few things to consider. Considerably more water is needed to establish a hydroseeded lawn. If the weather is hot and dry after application, you may need to water several times a day for six to eight weeks. Sod is more forgiving, since you are not dealing with new seedlings that are prone to drying out. As well with hydroseeding it tends to dry out more regularly with our wind prone region, this promotes weeds and soil erosion. If an area exceeds 3000 square feet hydroseeding is a valuable option, but surprisingly requires for care to become successful. Sod is definitely a premium choice but provides a completed project, hillside and soil control and less established weeds in our environment.

Tree Services Article

Dangerous Tree Examples

Though trees may be beautiful all times of year they do have a tendency to become dangerous if there is two co-dominant stems resulting in a crack in the crotch. This will become a safety hazard and needs to be mitigated safely and effectively.

Rigging and Safely pruning

Some trees eventually grow bigger then expected and encroach on buildings and powerlines. In this case rigging will have to be used to ensure the job is completed safely, we are in the process of taking high risk rigging courses to be ready for any challenge.

Hedge Box Blight and other airborne fungal

Trimming your hedge regularly ensures that it will flourish over the growing season and mitigate fungal. However in humid conditions box blight or Volutella Blight can begin to thrive. Good air circulation and trimming the effected areas immediately is the first line of defence. All tools used to prune must be disinfected after and all trimmings must be removed from premise. We have been trimming infected hedges for a number of years and have successfully been able to decrease the blight affection within a year.

Fall Tree Removals

There are plenty of reasons the trees need to be removed, obvious ones are a dangerous lean that encroaches on structures and walkways or a tendency to drop leaves or sap on roofs. There are not so obvious reasons like cracks in the main trunk or leaders, infestations of insects or disease, the tree has formed a bad crotch and may split overtime. Whatever the reason it is best to call a certified arborist as they are trained in the safest most effective way to remove them.

At Dreamscapes Earth Management we are very experienced and have you covered for all your tree pruning, removal and planting needs.  If you need any of the following services do not hesitate to give us a call

Fall Tree Pruning

Late Fall/winter is the perfect time to prune various trees and hedges, as the seasons shift from the hectic pace of summer trees, much like us, begin the slowdown process.
They begin to loose their leaves and become dormant. This is a perfect opportunity to look at how the new growth has effected the trees clearance on buildings and walkways. It is also a perfect time to mitigate disease management, as there is great visibility with no foliage on the branches thus creating a precise prune opportunity. This gives a foundation for future growth and creates an excellent time to promote a much higher bloom in the spring time.

At Dreamscapes Earth Management we are very experienced and have you covered for all your tree pruning, removal and planting needs.  If you need any of the following services do not hesitate to give us a call

Fall Landscaping and Hardscaping

So another Summer has gone but do not despair! Fall can be a great time to update existing landscaping or create new areas to enjoy.
As the garden beds become dormant they can easily be extended or changed without causing detrimental damage to plants and trees.
It is also a great time to reflect on water consumption of these areas and mitigate for future use and drought conditions. This means that mulch or grading can be installed to aid with the conditions that summer brings. It is also an excellent time to consider fire protection especially on acreages where fire response varies, this includes creating fire breaks within the property and ensuring thick overgrowth is mitigated properly. Also Fall is a great time to asses that there is a safe clearance of trees around structures and mulch and other flammable material is used and applied safely around buildings. It is also a great time to repair patios that may have shifted over time to ensure they are at grade and can shed water/ice over the winter months.

Taking Care of Your Garden in the summer

Grass Care

With the extreme heat that we all have experienced this summer, it is important to consider proper grass maintenance. With water restrictions in full force, the dry ground has caused most grass types to go dormant. Considering the lack of water this year the grass will restore itself next season.

If the grass needs to be cut it is important to consider the height of the mower deck. Grass should only be cut at a minimum of 2.75 inches, as well people should refrain from cutting once a week. Fertilizer should not be added as it can either burn or be non-effective to the grass at this time. Cutting at a taller height helps protect grass roots and ensures a healthy rejuvenation next season.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

This season the trees and shrubs have been stressed with the lack of water and early spring we experienced. It is in the trees and shrubs best interest to refrain from pruning from the hot summer. Leaves help keep the tree cool. That being the said pruning helps prevent disease such as black knot, fire blight, honey locusts and beetles. Prune wisely.

It is important to consider proper watering times for newly planted trees, saplings and shrubs. Watering should only be done in early morning and late evening, this ensures that the will penetrate the root system. Mulch is one of the most important tools to keep your trees healthy any time of the year, especially during the hot summers. Most arborists suggest applying mulch in a layer that is around two to three inches thick on top of the soil by the tree. Ideally, you want to be able to see the tree flare, the area where it widens when meeting the ground. Put the mulch right outside of this area or around six inches from the tree’s trunk.
Mulch serves two important purposes during the summer. It helps the soil retain the moisture by preventing evaporation and it reduces the overall temperature of the ground. Since hotter ground can be harder on the tree’s roots and simply absorb more water.

Garden Care

With the long hot days most plants have shut down, even tomatoes have stopped pollenating. It is important to refrain from fertilizing as the garden is not absorbing much with the heat and can burn the plants. Ironically, during the heat of midsummer, sometimes the best thing you can do is to leave your plants alone. If you are going to water it is best to stick to a schedule of an inch of water inch of water morning and night. By doing this it helps conserve water and ensures you are not over watering plants. It is always best to work with mother nature and she will support your efforts.

3 Steps to Greener Lawn This Summer


To keep your lawn looking stunning there are regular steps that can be taken to ensure your grass looks stunning all season long!

  1. Fertilize

Fertilizing is essential to a greener lawn.  It strengthens the roots, helps promote new growth and can help keep weeds at bay.

  1. Irrigation

Water is essential for all living organisms so your grass is no different.  Under watering will turn your grass brown and over watering will drown the roots.  There are pockets of space under the grass in the ground that usually fill with oxygen.  If you over water the grass these pockets will instead be filled by, you guessed it, water!  Oxygen is imperative as without it the roots of the sod will suffocate and your grasses root system will be weakened

  1. Mowing

It is very important to regularly mow your lawn and mow it correctly.  Not just any mowing technique will be sufficient. The mower blades should be sharp to ensure a nice clean cut.  Also the height you cut the grass at is important. You do not want to cut the grass too short as this puts extra strain on the roots.  This will make the root system weaker and can lead to more weeds. You should generally only cut the grass down by 1/3.

At Dreamscapes landscaping we can help you maintain your lawn so it looks great all season long.  We cover Okotoks, Calgary, Black Diamond, High River and more.  If you need a quality, reliable and affordable lawn maintenance program or lawn cutting service contact us today for a free consultation.